Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. 

Just kidding, I am neither a male nor rich.  And sometimes my style can be a little questionable.  Also, I really am not a fan of the Rolling Stones even though my introduction sentence may lead you to believe that.  The truth is, I learned that song from Just Dance (which is my favorite video game, by the way). 

Continuing on, I'm Allison!  A book-loving, cat-hugging, distance-running, Michigander. 

And I really, really love jumping pictures.  I've been told I'm pretty good at it too, not trying to brag or anything! 

I originally started this blog as a mandatory school assignment.  When the report cards were mailed out, most students abandoned their blogs, just happy to see the passing grade.  But I had started to actually enjoy my baby blog.  So I kept going.  My love of writing and travel combined together to make this lovely little piece of the internet. 

To be honest, I actually do not travel at all compared to all those other travel bloggers out there.  I've never been to Paris, Rome, Sydney or even L.A. I've haven't stepped foot off the continent of North America and the farthest west I've gone is San Antonio, Texas.  That fact doesn't stop me from having an extreme case of wanderlust though!  I want to see the world - and some day, I definitely will. 


  1. I love your love to travel. I have it too. :) I can't wait to see all your posts! I just found you from your comment on my blog.

    1. The experiences created through travel are some of my favorite times and memories. It just can't be beat! And thank you! I'm a fan of your blog as well!