Snapshot Sunday: Capitol Hill

Sorry for the crappy image quality.  You have no idea how far back I had to dig to find this memory.  I'll tell you though: all the way back to 7th grade.  That's right, major flashback here.  Should we call this #SnapbackSunday?  I think yes.


Top Ten: Ways to NOT be a Light Packer

Looking for tips on how to pack light?  You have come to the wrong place, my friend.  Here, I don't skimp, skip or forget anything.  Well, that's a lie.  I forget lots of things; but usually not when it comes to packing.
Overpacking runs in my genes.  Christmas road trip! 


Snapshot Sunday: Navy Pier

A Chi-town classic: Navy Pier.  Being able to see the lights from our hotel room tempted us, and we decided to go out and experience the sights, sounds and smells of the pier.  It was a beautiful night on Lake Michigan and it would have been a crime to miss it and take a taxi.  So we walked.  My dad, "Sacagawea" as we later lovingly dubbed him, wanted to find the shortest way possible - which turned a nice half hour stroll into a seriously sketchy walking-so-fast-you're-almost-running type of walk (during which I'm pretty sure we witnessed a drug deal).



I'm sorry for screaming at you in the title.  I really am, but I am just so incredibly excited.  ONE YEAR (there I go screaming again) from today, I will be boarding a plane.  And I will sit on that plane for about 13ish hours.  But I won't mind, because I will be so pumped for what the next 18 days will hold in store for me.


A Summer Night in Petoskey

Sometimes I wish that I could be in multiple places at once.  But this isn't unique - I mean, who else wants to be at home sleeping at the same time that they have to be at school.  Or, be at a party when they have to work?

I certainly do!  The reason that I brought this up is because I have a problem.  Anyone who has been to Petoskey, Michigan during the summer (or really, anytime) will understand me.  Although they might not have the same feelings as me, they would understand me.

The problem is that I have fallen head-over-heels in love with Petoskey.  The views of the bay, the quaint downtown, and the historic-ness of it only add to my obsession.  But I live four hours away.  In a town without gorgeous views of a bay, a less quaint downtown and no where near the amount of historical coolness that Petoskey has.  I mean c'mon, Ernest Hemingway didn't hang out in my town!

Railroad tracks running behind the town. 


Snapshot Sunday: The Lights of St. Kitts

Light and dark.  One of the most popular contrasts for kids learning about opposites.  This statement is most likely true because of the glaringly obvious difference between the two. 


One Day in San Fran

San Francisco, California is one of those places that I have always dreamed of visiting.  Even if I had only a day there, I would make the most of it and see all that I could see, eat all that I could eat and live all that I could live.  It's just one of those classic American cities - a must-visit.

Before starting this post, get in the San Fran mood by listening to this (not-so-classic) song by Train honoring the City by the Bay


Screams, Snapshots, Sun & Snakes: Cedar Point

It's been over 48 hours.  I'm still tired.

Spending an entire day at America's largest amusement park has left me absolutely drained.  Even after two nights of (almost) sound sleep and over four hours of naps, I'm still finding myself dreaming of my bed.

Yet, here I am at midnight, fighting sleep, just so I can write this well-overdue post. So ready or not, here are the stories of my adventures at Cedar Point!

It started with a road trip.  And following typical road trip style, I was the last one out the door.  And we also had to go back for something we had forgotten.  What we had forgot, I now forget.  Blame the lack of sleep.   Anyway, after two and a half hours in the car, singing High School Musical 2 with anticipation building, we finally caught a glimpse of the unmistakeable skyline.  Sorry, no picture.  I'm a bad blogger, I know.


Snapshot Sunday: Mackinac Island Beauty

A picture's worth a thousand words, they say.  So what words are this picture worth?


Top Ten: Things Not to Say on a Road Trip

We've all been there.  Stuck in the back seat of a sticky, hot car.  Trying to drone out the sound of your parent's singing.  Scrunching as far away from your angry sister's punches (and maybe dealing out a few of your own, too).  Fast food bags from lunch giving off that appetizing grease smell.  Only six hours left! Only?!?!  Ahh, the joys of road trips. If your family is anything like mine, you know exactly how to push each other's buttons and enjoy doing it too.  No matter how exciting the ultimate destination is (ranging from a week on the beach in North Carolina to the wedding of your fourth cousin twice-removed), you cannot wait to get yourself out of that car and never see it again.  Even if that means you have to face the fact that there is no way that you will be able to avoid the wedding.

Chicago Road Trip