One Day in San Fran

San Francisco, California is one of those places that I have always dreamed of visiting.  Even if I had only a day there, I would make the most of it and see all that I could see, eat all that I could eat and live all that I could live.  It's just one of those classic American cities - a must-visit.

Before starting this post, get in the San Fran mood by listening to this (not-so-classic) song by Train honoring the City by the Bay

Even though this song is not one that has spot in San Francisco song history (yet!), I find it very symbolic and tied to the city, so I'm using it!

Being a planner, I made an itinerary for my imaginary day.  Granted, it's jammed-packed with things to do, see and eat, and probably wouldn't be humanly possible to actually accomplish. But here we go.  Rise and shine & welcome to California!

The first thing I would do is start my day off right with a legendary breakfast from Mama's.  I've heard that a trip to San Fran is not complete without a stomach full of delicious pancakes or fluffy omelettes. I checked out their menu and found the love of my life - a Vegetarian "M'Omelette." Here's the description:
Sauteed Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Grilled Leeks, Tomatoes and Sonoma Goat Cheese
Sounds like heaven, right?  And seriously, breakfast food is delicious.  Apparently, the line to get in makes this not a quick in-and-out breakfast destination, but skipping it is not an option!

Source: Roadfood

Next, I would climb the nearly 400 stairs up Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower.  Have to get your exercise in somehow!  Upon reaching the top, (after recovering the use of my leg muscles) I would take in the incredible view of the entire city stretching out below.  I love being able to see the big picture, so this is something for me!
Source: Noehill 
Next, I would take a look inside the tower at all the beautiful murals that grace the walls.  Then I would prepare myself for the almost 400 steps back down again.

 Later in the day, I would definitely have to take a look in the Exploratorium.  I love to learn, and the exhibits at the Exploratorium seem so different from the typical museum.

Along with the Exploratorium comes the California Academy of Science.  I mean, once I'm on an educational roll, why stop?

After that intense brain workout, I would be in no state of mind to be walking anywhere! And it would probably be well past lunch time, so I'm hungry!  Logical next step is to then hop on a cable car to Chinatown.  Riding a cable car in SF is like eating pizza in Chicago, or watching a Broadway show in New York, or snorkeling in Hawaii, or taking a typical tourist picture at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or  . . . you get the point.  It's just something you have to do.
Source: Moore Travel Tips
Chinese food ranks right up there with Italian food for me, so I would be looking for the most delicious, authentic fried rice and won ton soup that I could find in the U.S.'s most notable Chinese neighborhood.  Any suggestions?  Let me know in the comments!

My itinerary then takes me to the most famous San Francisco landmark that there is - the Golden Gate Bridge.  Just to see this American symbol in real life would be a major check off the good ol' bucket list.  Of course, I would have to snap a picture to remember the moment.  In my head I can see my picture looking like this:
Source: Jim Coda
However, more realistically, it would look like this:

Oh well, at least I could say that I tried.  

The last thing to do in my busy day is catch a Giants v. Tigers Game at AT&T Park.  The classic American game is the best way, in my mind, to end a day in the classic American city.  

I know that San Fran has so much more than what I touched on! After all, this is only 24 hours that we're talking about here.  What places do you recommend? 

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