Top Ten: Ways to NOT be a Light Packer

Looking for tips on how to pack light?  You have come to the wrong place, my friend.  Here, I don't skimp, skip or forget anything.  Well, that's a lie.  I forget lots of things; but usually not when it comes to packing.
Overpacking runs in my genes.  Christmas road trip! 

For this particular post, I am referring to the innumerable amount of clothing, toiletries, shoes and who knows what else covering my floor in preparation for five days of nothing but Texas heat.

And I'm not even done yet - told you I was an expert on cramming that suitcase full!  To be a pro like me, follow these simple steps and your luggage will be overweight in no time!

#10: Bring as much entertainment for the trip as possible:  You don't want to get bored, now do you?  Plan on flying through three different books (all hardcover classic novels), quickly getting bored with the games on your iPad and watching every movie that you pack twice.  Therefore, you should bring double the entertainment (when in reality, you will probably read a few pages, play a game, and then fall asleep for the rest of the ride).

#9: Have enough shoes for whatever will happen: So you're going hiking through the Alps?  Who knows, you may need your stilettos for an unplanned detour.  Or two pairs if you take two.  Always be prepared!
No stilettos for me! 

#8: Make sure that you have medication for any situation: Headache?  Motrin.  Stomach ache?  Tums.  Mosquito bites?  Benadryl.  You also want to make sure that you're prepared for fevers, the flu, sore throats, or any other possible ailment that has occurred in your country in the past 80 years.

#7: Bring bulky and heavy clothes:  The biggest parka you have, snow pants and the sweater that Grandma knitted you are all fantastic things to bring when you think it may get a little chilly.  You don't want to spend your vacation all hudled up in front of a fireplace just because you didn't want to add a few extra pounds to your luggage, now do you?

#6: Have no rhyme or reason for organizing your suitcase:  Folding everything up and organizing by type or outfit takes way too long.  You're just going to pull it all out anyways!  Just throw everything in there, which will take up wayyy more room, which may lead to the filling of a second suitcase.

#5: Plan on doing as many different activities as possible:  Workout, go swimming, eat at a fancy restaurant, shop, and go skiing.  Make sure that you have enough clothes to do each of these activities everyday.  Which leads me to tip #4 . . .

Three pairs of running shorts.  Which I will maybe use once.  Maybe. 
#4: Don't re-wear anything: Fresh clothes feel a lot nicer than ones that you've already worn (even if you only wore it for two hours at your fancy restaurant last night).  So why make yourself uncomfortable?  You're on vacation after all! Bring a new pair of clothes for each day and don't even think about wearing your favorite shorts (which go with just about everything) twice!

#3: Make sure to bring clothes that don't match well with others:  Make sure you grab all the plaid, stripes, floral and polka dots you can find.  No solid patterns for this over-packer!  Since the things you pack won't go well with anything else, you should bring lots of extra clothes that do match each particular item, so if you want to change up your outfit, you have options.

#2: Don't make a list:  Refraining from writing down a list of things you need will generally result in grabbing most things that you see and just hoping that it will be enough.  Then, you'll doubt that you have enough and throw some more in your suitcase.  It's a fool-proof way to over-pack, really.

And the number one way to not be a light packer is . . .

Bring everything!
There's no way (unless you don't own any clothing at all) to not overpack if you bring every single item of clothing, pair of shoes, entire bathroom counter and all entertainment possible.  Hence the reason that it is number one on the list.

Now that you have all of this newfound knowledge, get out there and use it!  Plan a vacation - you deserve it!  And don't forget an extra $50 for your overweight luggage.

P.S. You all know by now that Google Reader is biting the dust.  Which is pretty sad because we got to be pretty good friends.  But, alas, all good things must come to an end.  Take this opportunity to head on over and follow my blog with Bloglovin!

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