Snapshot Sunday: Mackinac Island Beauty

A picture's worth a thousand words, they say.  So what words are this picture worth?

As a student, my very least favorite thing to do in English is analyze art.  A talented friend at my school creates amazing masterpieces that my teacher then instructs us to dissect.  What are the hidden symbols? What's the overall theme? What did he mean by this? How does this add to the message the artist is trying to get across?  Wracking my brains for anything that sounded half-decent, I would scribble down something and hope that it made sense - and pray that I wasn't called on for my opinion.  Upon asking my friend, I discovered that there were no hidden symbols, overall theme or message.  He just thought certain colors were cool and a certain subject would be fun to paint.  That's all there was to it.

So as you stare at this beautiful part of God's creation on Mackinac Island, Michigan, wondering what words could describe this picture, stop beating your brain and just enjoy it for what it is.  And maybe, take a trip yourself and capture your own photo to enjoy - not sum up.

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