I'm sorry for screaming at you in the title.  I really am, but I am just so incredibly excited.  ONE YEAR (there I go screaming again) from today, I will be boarding a plane.  And I will sit on that plane for about 13ish hours.  But I won't mind, because I will be so pumped for what the next 18 days will hold in store for me.

That plane will then land 4,700 miles from my house, family, friends, cats and everything else I consider comfortable and normal.  I won't be able to understand a word of what the locals are saying, read any of the street signs, or be able to figure out if I am getting ripped off because of the fact that I cannot quickly convert euros to dollars.

However, these facts don't really bother me.  I'm too busy dreaming of the trip of a lifetime to truly be concerned with it quite yet.  (Except getting ripped off -  I will NOT let that happen!)

Let me put this enthusiasm in perspective.  This makes me more excited than when a cat comes and willingly sits on my lap.  Non-cat people: this is a big deal.

By now, you're probably wondering what the heck I'm even talking about.

Where is she going?
Why is she not telling us?
Why is she talking about cats?

Patience, grasshopper.

Let's just say that I should be learning a few frasi italiani and ελληνικές λέξεις (that's "Italian phrases and Greek words", for all of you who aren't fluent in Italian or Greek, such as myself).

Yep, an 18 day whirlwind tour all through Italy, Greece and even touching a little bit of Turkey.  I've never been this far from home in my life - or even on a different continent!

This highlight of my travel life (thus so far!) may seem far off, but time will fly and it will be here before I know it!  As it gets closer, I'll dive a little deeper into each of the places that I'm headed.  Any of you travel gurus want to help a girl out?  I'll be looking for the most authentic, delicious, local cuisine to be found.  You know me, where there is food, there I am also.   Keep that in mind!

Europe, see you in 365 short days.

Oh, and I was talking about cats because who doesn't love being able to relate about cats?! Don't answer that.  While we're on the subject, say hi to my favorite fur pals: Mickey and Murphy (yeah, they weren't really cooperating . . .).


  1. Hey, that's awesome. Too bad you won't be going to England. I will be there in eek less than four months for good (scared) and we could have met up. But then again, it's easy for me to get to those countries....

    1. I would absolutely LOVE to visit England and surrounding countries! (Check out my post about how I would spend my time in London here: http://extremecaseofwanderlust.blogspot.com/2013/05/when-london-calls.html) So you're moving to England? Wow, that is scary, but really awesome at the same time! I'll pray that everything goes smoothly for you! Have you visited England before?