Screams, Snapshots, Sun & Snakes: Cedar Point

It's been over 48 hours.  I'm still tired.

Spending an entire day at America's largest amusement park has left me absolutely drained.  Even after two nights of (almost) sound sleep and over four hours of naps, I'm still finding myself dreaming of my bed.

Yet, here I am at midnight, fighting sleep, just so I can write this well-overdue post. So ready or not, here are the stories of my adventures at Cedar Point!

It started with a road trip.  And following typical road trip style, I was the last one out the door.  And we also had to go back for something we had forgotten.  What we had forgot, I now forget.  Blame the lack of sleep.   Anyway, after two and a half hours in the car, singing High School Musical 2 with anticipation building, we finally caught a glimpse of the unmistakeable skyline.  Sorry, no picture.  I'm a bad blogger, I know.

Here's a picture of the welcome sign that I took when we were leaving to make up for the lack of skyline.  Why didn't I take this when we were walking in?  I don't know, bad blogger. 

Almost running into the park, my three amigas and I set off to conquer those coasters!  The next 10 hours were filled with screams, snapshots, sun and snakes (Yes, snakes.  If you keep reading you'll find out!).

The line was long, so we took a feet picture.  It's only natural.  

The Iron Dragon.  Not as scary as the name makes it out to be! This picture was taken by my friend, a fellow blogger, because I'm such a bad one, remember? 

The view of the Mantis from the Iron Dragon.  This was as close as I got because no one would go on it with me . . . 

One of my faves - the Maverick!  Waited over an hour and a half for a spin on this baby! 

Taking pictures of the Maverick, trying to be a better blogger . . . 

just minding our own business and loving the spray of the fountains giving us a little relief from the  unforgiving sun . . . 

when BAM! There it was.  A lone water snake swimming right below the Maverick.  Seriously, where did that thing even come from because that's scary.  

The weirdest part though, was when I turned around. This was the sign that met my eyes.  

Um, yeah. 

 Although the rest of the day left us with a slight fear of a herd of snakes charging us, that didn't stop us from having a blast!

We even ate at Chick-fil-A, which is like my favorite fast-food place in the world (as you can read about right here!)

 Instant headache.  Still worth a ride though! 

Worth the wait.  And believe me, it definitely was a wait

The brand-spanking-new Gatekeeper! Tons of fun, although our collarbones paid a little for it. 

As we drove away, tired, sore, sunburnt and sweaty, events through the day were on replay through my head.  And eventually, when I couldn't hold back the inevitable sleep any longer, I'm certain that the roller coasters thundered through my dreams too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a little sleep to catch up on.

Ever been to Cedar Point? What's your favorite ride? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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