Island Fun

My family is not all that big on traditions.  I remember as a grade-schooler we would have to write down all of our family traditions and share them with the class.  I was always left making something up or just sounding really lame.

Ummm, we eat a turkey on Thanksgiving. 

OR, equally obvious,

We watch fireworks on the 4th of July.  

Gee, thanks for sharing, Allison.


Snapshot Sunday: Along the Mackinac Shoreline

Hello?  Is anybody out there?  What year is it? 

Just kidding, it hasn't been thattttt long since I've posted, just, um, 2.5 months . . . 


Snapshot Sunday: Conversations in Grand Rapids

Thought of the day:  Have you ever realized that millions and millions of words are created just out of 26 letters?

Well, if you're Spanish or Mexican, then it's 27.  And if you're Finnish, 29.  If you're Chinese . . . well, let's not even go there.

You get the point.  It's a little mind-boggling to think about.


Snapshot Sunday: La Villita Love

I know, I know.  You're reading yet another post about La Villita in San Antonio.  But it was just so stinking cute, I can't resist!  

Going in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday led to places being nearly deserted.  Which didn't bother me in the least bit. 


Snapshot Sunday: Ombré - Bloomfield Hills Style

So you guys know that gorgeous ombré-ish flower that I spotted in San Antonio a few weeks back?  (Still looking for a name on that baby by the way.  C'mon, know a flower lover? Hook me up!) Well, wonder upon wonder, I found a replica replacement flower that's also slightly ombré-ish right here in Michigan!


Greek Island Hopping: Mykonos {link-up}

Guys, this is a milestone.  My very first link-up.  I know, I know, my blog is growing up so fast!  I can barely believe it myself!

Anyways, keep moving those eyes for my take on Wanderlust Wednesday: Europe.

So far in my #Europe2014 adventures (see what I just did there?), we've covered how excited I am to go and how excited I am to eat gelato.

Yep, that's it.

So I figured that it was time for another dive into my future European adventures.  Since Italy got the spotlight last time, it's Greece's turn.  But even more specifically, Greek islands.  And even more specifically than that, Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini.

After exploring Athens for a few days day and a half (aka not nearly enough time), I'll hop onto a cruise ship and set sail for these Mediterranean beauties through the Aegean Sea.

To give each of those islands the credit that they deserve, I'll split them up into three separate posts.  First comes Mykonos.