Snapshot Sunday: Along the Mackinac Shoreline

Hello?  Is anybody out there?  What year is it? 

Just kidding, it hasn't been thattttt long since I've posted, just, um, 2.5 months . . . 

Yeah, so it's been a while, and for that, I apologize.  A slight inconvenience called education disrupted my summer of blogging and I haven't had a moment to breathe - or blog - since.  As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and missing my baby blog, I decided to pay it a visit today.  Then the irresistible urge to blog hit me, and I realized that it was conveniently Sunday! Thus, I present to you, Snapshot Sunday Mackinac Island style: part 2. 
(If you're feeling a bit nostalgic, flashback to my very first Snapshot Sunday, which also featured Mackinac Island!)  

Living in Michigan and not visiting Mackinac Island at least once during your residency is pretty much a crime.  The historic, unique, quaint feel is something that I can 99.9% guarantee you won't find anywhere else.  Having not visited in nearly seven years, a family reunion over Labor Day weekend was the perfect push to get onto that ferry across the straits. 

I could have definitely imagined weather conditions 348194827x better for a summer day on the island than what we got.  However, the same could go for worse weather too, so I won't complain!  The overcast sky and occasional drop of rain didn't ruin my day!  (And it did make for some pretty cool pictures too!) 

Until next time (and I promise it will be sooner than 2.5 months!), 


  1. I'm glad your back. Next time I am in Michigan, I will make a point to go there. One of my best friends is in Eastpoint. Hmmm...It's been awhile since I've been there.

    1. You should! I hope to make my next post about our day trip to the island.