Snapshot Sunday: Ombré - Bloomfield Hills Style

So you guys know that gorgeous ombré-ish flower that I spotted in San Antonio a few weeks back?  (Still looking for a name on that baby by the way.  C'mon, know a flower lover? Hook me up!) Well, wonder upon wonder, I found a replica replacement flower that's also slightly ombré-ish right here in Michigan!

Okay, so it doesn't have the unique shape, style or wow-factor that my un-named species back in Texas does, but it's still a beauty.  And it comes with a bee!

For this pic, I have to give a shout-out for the Cranbrook Institute of Science for planting it.  Also, to my grandparents for taking me.  And to this bee for not stinging me, even though you definitely gave it your best shot.  No need to be so grumpy, there's plenty of fish in the sea flowers in the garden for you.  Sheesh.


  1. That flower is awesome! So pretty!

    1. I thought so too! I loved that the bee stayed for the photoshoot. Just wish that he would have been a little more welcoming :)