Treetop Hotels - That's a Thing?

Growing up, I was a pretty typical child.  I ate Kraft mac & cheese by the box, hated bedtime and played outside all day long.
Don't mind me, just being a typical child here. 
Oh, and I wanted a treehouse.  What kid doesn't want a magical castle, rickety pirate ship and super secret spy fort all high up in the trees?

I'll wait while you try to find one.

No one?  Okay, I'll go on.

I never got that treehouse.  My parent's excuse of "you already have a swingset, you don't need a treehouse" didn't seem very valid at the time.  But who's bitter?  Certainly not me . . . Just a ruined childhood here, that's all.

Okay, coming back off that tangent, the whole point of this is not to mope about my treehouse-less childhood, but to show you the brand new hope that my blog - and real life - bestie helped me to discover for my hopefully treehouse-full future.

Wait for it . . . treehouse hotels.

Yep, that's a thing, a cluster of about a dozen or so treehouses way out in the wilderness - each a separate "hotel room" for their adventure seeking guest.  Now who woulda thunk it - there's hope for my treehouse dream!

Allie opened my eyes to the treehouse hotel in Issaquah, Washington - TreeHouse Point.  Billing themselves as a Bed & Breakfast, they are definitely not your typical cozy, little house on Main Street run by the sweetest old lady you ever met.

Checking out their website, my mind. was. blown. Gorgeous, rustic, secluded - it looked like the perfect place to just get away from everything and enjoy undisturbed nature.

Seriously, check this place out.

Amazing, right?  A beautiful river, walking trails and all the trees that you would ever need are right there for your enjoyment.  

If the great outdoors this place features wasn't enough to persuade you to immediately book a stay, take a peek inside a few of the six unique treehouses that dot the property.

It's pretty much luxury camping (a.k.a. camping for those that are scared of bugs and don't like campfire food - a.k.a. me)!  

Another convenient feature of this childhood-dream-come-true for adults is that it is located only 30 minutes from Seattle!  After submerging myself in nature for a few days, I would definitely need a few city lights, and the coffee capital of America would be the perfect fix.  

At the end of the day, returning to the peace of a Washington forest high up in the trees sounds like the next best thing to heaven.  

Ever stayed in a treehouse hotel?  Want to now? 

 I did a little more research on my new phenomenon and found out that they are almost everywhere!  See TripAdvisor's list of the top 10 most extraordinary treehouse hotels here - and book a stay (and then let me know all about it - or take me with you)! 

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