Snapshot Sunday: Mackinac Bridge

Labor Day.  The time of year where the tans begin to start fading, school supplies fly off the shelves and white pants are a big no-no according to my mom.  This holiday really has nothing going for it.  Who wants to trudge back to classes and blend in with their favorite white bottoms that they are no longer allowed to wear? 

Not me.  

Labor Day happens to be one of my favorite days of the year though.  No, it's not because I get to wake up at practically the crack of dawn the next morning to be loaded down with information and textbooks.  And sure isn't because every time I walk down the stairs in my white capris from that point on, I get an earful from my mom.  

Labor Day to me is a day full of tradition, memories, and family.  Ever since I was born, my family has done the same exact thing every single Labor Day.  

And let me tell you: same. exact. thing.  

It never gets old though.  Walking over the straits of Mackinac on the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world tends to have that effect on you.  

If you find yourself with nothing to do this Labor Day but mourn over having to set your alarm for the first time since June, head on up to Mackinaw City, Michigan, and see the beauty that Michigan has to offer first-hand - Lower Peninsula to Upper Peninsula, and back down to Lower Peninsula again.  

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