Snapshot Sunday: Ombré - San Antonio Style

Hello out there!  Are there any flower experts that happened to stumble upon this particular post?  If so, you are in the place you need to be!   I have been dying to find out the name of these gorgeous blooms so I can cover my house, car, neighbor's house and cousin's girlfriend's uncle's sister's dog with them. 

Seriously, how can you look at them and not fall in love?  Due to the fact that their name eludes me, I have nicknamed them "The Ombré flowers" for obvious reasons.  Starting with a dark maroon-y color and fading all the way to a bright yellow makes them so completely unique than any other flower I have ever laid my eyes on.  

I saw these growing by the bush right by a stairway down to the River Walk in San Antonio and I knew immediately that they would be the perfect Snapshot Sunday.  

Now, to find out if these mystery flowers can adapt to a Michigan climate.  


  1. Okay, my mother photographs landscapes and wildlife. I sent her this post and she said it was a type of hibiscus. I looked on the internet and there were a few that are very close to this picture. However, I would need to see it. It could be a cross pollination, but you might want to start with hibiscus.

    1. Wow, thank you so much KW! Definitely would have never figured that out by myself.