Happy Fourth! (Two Days Late . . .)

I know, I know.  I nominated myself for "worst blogger of the week" award and I won by a devastating landslide.  The last time I posted was nearly an entire week ago (a.k.a. wayyy too long).  However, in my defense, my schedule was absolutely and completely packed and I had no access to a computer, so you can forgive me, right?  Right?

Anyway, happy Fourth of July!  (Let's just pretend that I wrote this 48 hours ago, alright?) I hope your day was filled with relaxation, beaches, parties, BBQs, fireworks, and most importantly, American pride.

I was fortunate enough to watch two amazing displays of fireworks this year, each very different from the other, but both very beautiful.

The first show took place the night before I left for San Antonio.  (Note to self: late night fireworks & bonfire + early flight in the morning = incoherently tired).  A laid-back get together with family friends, food, a fire and fireworks over a lake was perfect to get into the Fourth of July mood.

These pictures are awful, I know.  But it's all I have, so I'll take it! 

Fortunately, I tuned up my photography skills just in time for the actual celebration.  After piling out of the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX, 25,000 of my favorite Lutheran friends and I enjoyed a explosive display (get it? explosive, because fireworks. . . I'll stop.) that was nearly right above our heads.  

The Tower of the Americas proved to be a stunning backdrop even though the beauty didn't quite transfer through the lens of my camera.  

The Fourth of July this year was odd for me.  There was no lake, boating, family or corn on the cob.  But it was definitely an experience that I would revisit in a heartbeat! 

How did you spend your Fourth? 

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