Holy Guacamole!

Have you ever been so in love with a food that you jumped onto the table and screamed "I LOVE THIS FOOD!" to everyone in the entire restaurant? 

Yeah, me neither.

But believe me, I was on the edge of my seat, ready to spring onto the table top and announce my passionate and undying love for the guacamole and chicken fajitas that graced my tastebuds to all the other patrons in Guadalajara Grill.

A few friends and I had been strolling around the historic San Antonio neighborhood of La Villita when a rumblin' in our tummies alerted us that it was nearly dinner time.  Having absolutely no sense of guidance or direction as to where we were, much less, where to eat, we asked a nearby shop owner for their recommendations.  

When they explained that Guadalajara Grill made your guacamole right at the table, we were hooked. 

The exterior had a subtle feel.  Nothing about it really made it stand out and yell "MY GUAC WILL ROCK YOUR SOCKS!" It seemed pretty modern and a lot more urban than any of the other buildings in La Villita 

 However, once you got inside, you were pretty much blinded.  Bright colors came from every direction and you definitely got the sense that your socks would be blasted off after you tasted the guacamole.

"Welcome.  My house is your house." Actually applying something I've learned in school? Unheard of!  
This is the ceiling.  Yes, the ceiling was completely covered.

The menus were each a different tile found on the ceiling. 

Typical Mexican restaurant style, the menu was absolutely filled with options upon options and combination plates upon combination plates.  Wading through all of those food choices made me very confused and I kinda wanted to just order one of everything.

Since that wasn't a logical choice, my friends and I decided to three-way split some chicken fajitas.  We obviously had to order the guacamole and pretty much ignored the chips and salsa that was placed in front of us in anticipation for the main event.

After placing our order, I kept my eyes glued on the kitchen doors.  Waiting for that guacamole man with his guacamole cart to come strolling through and whip me up the most delicious chip dip I've ever tasted.

And I waited.

And waited.


And then - finally!  Here he came, the cart bumping along in front of him on his way to our table.  Finally! (In all honesty, it was probably less than three minutes that we waited, I was just a tad bit excited.)

Fresh ingredients lined the tray as our waiter skillfully sliced and pitted the avocado.  Then gesturing to the options, he asked what we liked in our guacamole.

Wait, what?  There's options?  This just keeps getting better.

After choosing tomatos, onions, light cilantro, light on some spicy pepper seed, and some other stuff that I honestly don't remember, the guacamole man whipped up a masterpiece and topped it with fresh lemon juice.

And must I say: Holy Guacamole!  I cannot even begin to describe how insanely delicious this guacamole was.  It was perfect in every way possible.  Not too spicy.  Not too cilantro-y.  Not too chunky.  Not too smooth.  

Instead of listening to all my babbling descriptions, why don't you just see for yourself? 

WARNING: typical side effects of this photo include drooling, hunger, and the sudden urge to hop on a plane that's San Antonio bound.

Am I right or amiright?

I will shamelessly let you know that I ate almost all of my share with a spoon.  Didn't even bother with the chips.  No regret, whatsoever.

And much too soon, it was gone.

I think I may have cried.

Then the chicken fajitas came, and boy oh boy, were they de-lic-ious! I piled all the toppings on (one of which was guacamole!) and chowed down.

Excuse the fact that my thumb got in the picture.  What can I say? It's an attention hog!

When the bill came and it was time to go, I left with only one complaint: there were no free guacamole refills.


  1. Glad you like the quac. It did look good (except the cilantro part...gross). The Guadalajara Grill here is not that great here in Houston, but it might not be the same restaurant.

    I hope you are having fun in SA.

    1. That's why we went light on cilantro! If I can taste it, I don't like it! Haha, and I don't believe that it is the same Guadalajara Grill. Looking at the website doesn't lead me to believe so at least. I'm back now, but I did really enjoy SA; it's a beautiful place!

  2. Yeah, it is such a disgusting weed. I joined a site...www.ihatecilantro.com.

    I'm so glad you had a great time. Are you coming back to Texas? Houston maybe?

    1. That's a real site? Haha, that made my day! Kinda wish that I had started it. And I most definitely am coming back to Texas in the future! And it most likely will be Houston!